Why Communities Need to Mobilize


To prevent deaths among school children by increasing AED access in all schools.

Provide community outreach, equipment donation, and training opportunities.

USC Keck School of Medicine   +   UC Berkeley

Anjali Doshi


Anjali founded SHOCKS while pursuing her B.A. in Public Health at UC Berkeley and is a current medical student at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Anjali cares about improving cardiovascular health by making health technology accessible to all populations through public health interventions.

Natasha Doshi


Natasha is a recent USC graduate with her Bachelor’s in Health and Humanities.  She is now pursuing her Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in health services and policy in the hope of better serving the diverse Los Angeles community. Her interest in public health and research in cardiology at USC led her to the SHOCKS team to promote heart health and safer policies.


​​Saving Hearts of California Kids

-Anjali Doshi, Founder 

The SHOCKS Program


About 15,000 children die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest. Many of these deaths can be prevented with AEDs.

Donate to help save lives!

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We believe manpower multiplies success.

Join in our fundraising campaigns, community events, and legislative efforts.

​To get involved, please contact us at: savingheartsofcakids@gmail.com

As a student athlete in high school, I was aware of others in my community suddenly arresting - whether they were running, playing basketball, or at football practice. I had even heard of healthy children collapsing during PE or while walking to class. I soon learned that many schools, including my team's own high school, did not have AEDs of their own readily accessible, not even around sports facilities. Limited access to AEDs puts youth at huge risk of irreversible organ damage or death if they suffer from heart rhythm irregularity. Abnormal heart rate even for a few minutes can cause irreparable damage to a person's body. Kids are vulnerable.  Some may not know if they are even at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  Many heart abnormalities in the young go undiagnosed or are not realized until a child experiences an episode.

We need to push for AED accessibility in schools. Nearly 15,000 children die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest in the U.S. Improving AED accessibility would lower the incidence of death due to SCA in children and in adults who, too, would benefit from better accessibility in schools. 

I founded SHOCKS to mobilize change. We need to come together as a community to spread awareness about SCA and raise money to place AEDs in schools across California.

Terry Peng


Terry Peng is a New Jersey native and current medical student at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. He graduated with a B.S. in biology from Boston College and an MPH from the Tulane University. He has experience working in the Recovery School District and city government of New Orleans. 

The SHOCKS program is a student-led, non-profit organization with two branches in California. The first branch was founded in the Bay Area and is connected with UC Berkeley, and the more recent branch is in Los Angeles and is connected with the USC Keck School of Medicine.

How we operate:

  • Host educational outreach events with local schools and businesses about cardiac events and AED use.
  • Create training and maintenance plans for schools to receive AED's
  • Contact industry leaders and healthcare institutions for AED donations
  • ​Fundraise in order to purchase certified refurbished AED equipment and pay for installation costs
  • Donate these AED's to primary and secondary schools that would otherwise be unable to obtain an AED for their campus
  • Send letters and statements to the California legislature to advocate for universal CPR/AED training in schools

How YOU can help:

  • Simple things have great power. In our case, donations are greatly appreciated and you are able to donate to the specific goal that interests you. Donate Here.
  • Please spread the word to friends and colleagues. The more voices we have, the more impact we can make. We have a Facebook page as well! 
  • Join our mailing list so you can keep up to date on our current events. We PROMISE that our messages are focused on our current happenings, the mailings will not clutter your inbox, and we will NEVER share any information with any other parties.
  • Sign up to volunteer. If you'd like to share your time with us, we would be happy for help on our outreach events, fundraising, donation appeals, and legislative efforts. To get involved, please email us at: savingheartsofcakids@gmail.com