GOAL: Get an AED on every California school campus and save lives!


We raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and the lack of AED accessibility in California schools.


As parents, students, and members of the California community, we need to work together to keep our loved ones safe.


Help raise funds to provide AEDs to California schools.

SHOCKS: Saving Hearts of California Kids works to increase AED (automatic external defibrillator) accessibility in California schools and spread awareness about sudden cardiac arrest through community outreach events and a student-facilitated course at the University of California, Berkeley. About 15,000 children die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest. Yet, California does not require that its schools have AEDs readily available were a child, parent, or campus guest to arrest. Please help us provide AEDs to schools by donating today.   


"AEDs save lives. They save lives of seemingly healthy children playing sports. They could one day save my life. By donating to SHOCKS, you would be helping us purchase and install AEDs in California schools. You could be saving a life." -Erin, alumnus from UC Berkeley




​​Saving Hearts of California Kids

Help the cause.



Automatic External Defibrillator: An electrical device used to counteract fibrillation (muscular twitching) of the heart and restore normal heartbeat by applying a brief electric shock.